Guarding the Crease

Guarding the Crease


The knight charging to her rescue is the last person in the world she wants to see. Now she owes him, and he’s ready to collect.

When Serena Lambert finds herself in danger, a knight in shining armor charges out of the darkness to her rescue. More shocking than his appearance in the nick of time is the knight himself: Wyatt Tompkins, the copper-haired star of her work nightmares. Just when the Colorado Blizzard’s PR director thought she was finally rid of the biggest pain in her butt and his outrageous tabloid shenanigans … But what’s the saying about bad pennies always turning up?

Being a famous NHL goaltender comes with a lot of perks, on and off the ice, and Wyatt has taken advantage of every single one. But when he becomes the NHL’s most infamous netminder, he loses more than the fringe benefits—he forfeits his roster spot. He wants back in. Sadly, the one person who can help him salvage his image and his livelihood has written him off, despite his heroics.

Wyatt needs Serena’s seriously savvy PR skills, and he’s not beyond leveraging the payback. He’s even willing to overlook her prickly exterior to get her on his side. After all, she’s already familiar with his brand of crazy … and it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes. Oh yeah, he’d love to get her between the sheets, but what begins to intrigue him even more is taking a deep dive into her guarded psyche.

Serena is focused on launching her career into the stratosphere and making herself indispensable to the team—as soon as she overcomes a conniving coworker. Helping Wyatt will only steal time and energy from her goal, but she can’t deny that more sizzles beneath his roguish smile. Bit by excruciating bit, Serena peels back the layers to reveal the real heart beating beneath the goalie gear.

Oil and water don’t mix, though … they merely leave an oil slick. Can these two find the right blend and net their happily-ever-after?

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