Line Change

Line Change


Marty is used to second place behind his best friend and teammate, Zach. That’s okay until Claudia walks into their lives, and being Zach’s wingman is a role Marty no longer wants to play.

Claudia is eager to spread her wings, but falling for Zach puts her plans on ice. There’s a plus: Marty becomes her bestie, her rock, the guy she trusts above all others. Even Zach.

While Marty flounders, Zach streaks to greatness. But Zach’s fame creates chances for excess, and Marty is torn between his childhood friend and the woman he secretly desires. His choice to keep Zach’s secrets has devastating effects. When Claudia discovers what Marty’s been hiding, it’s game over.

Years pass, but Marty is haunted by the only woman he’s ever loved. Meantime, Claudia yearns for her lost friendship with Marty. When a chance encounter reunites them, can they take a shot at winning the biggest prize of all?

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