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The Hussar’s Duty


His time of peace is coming to an end. Will honor and fidelity lay claim to his life?

Poland, 1620. Jacek Dąbrowski scents war in the air. Away from the battlefield for five years, the renowned fighter yields to a growing itch and answers the general’s request to help lead the army against the Ottomans. But he’s torn between duty and family when the perils of combat force him to leave his defenseless wife behind.

Attending war councils and taking command of problematic noblemen, Jacek starts to doubt the mission and the sacrifice of being far from his loved ones. But his loyalty to his commander could put him on an irreversible path to disaster…

Will Jacek’s call to arms prove to be his death song?

The Hussar’s Duty is the breathtaking third book in The Winged Warrior Series historical fiction series. If you like resilient heroes, gritty battle scenes, and enduring romance, then you’ll love Griffin Brady’s thrilling tale.

This is a standalone continuation in The Winged Warrior Series.

A Hussar’s Promise


Betrayed by the lord he has served since boyhood, Jacek Dąbrowski, captain of winged hussars, has just been exiled to a remote fortress along the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s southeastern border—a dangerous no man’s land where reviled Tatar raiders constantly hunt for fresh slaves to satisfy the Ottoman Empire’s insatiable appetites.

But Jacek’s lord, Eryk Krezowski of Biaska, has taken far more—he has also taken Jacek’s only love, Oliwia, for himself. Determined to forget Oliwia and Eryk, Jacek grinds out a new life in the war zone that is now his home. When tragedy strikes and he is called back, he cannot refuse and must once again confront those who have betrayed him.

Once a Russian peasant, Lady Oliwia Krezowska has risen to a lofty perch she never sought. The reluctant lady of a vast estate, Oliwia has everything a woman could want—except Jacek, the only man she’s ever loved. Even if she weren’t bound to Eryk by marriage, she has no hope of recapturing Jacek’s heart—his bitter hatred toward her is an impenetrable wall.

Upon Jacek’s return to Biaska, secrets are revealed and he realizes much of what he once believed is wrong. He embarks upon yet another mission with newfound purpose, only to be confronted by an enemy he never saw coming. Just as one dream is realized, another is shattered. Jacek’s fortitude will be tested again and again as he endures battles no man should in an effort to reclaim his life and his love.

Meanwhile, a different foe, one who was but a shadow of a threat before, continues to grow, becoming more powerful every day. That enemy’s sole quest is to destroy Biaska, including Oliwia and everyone she loves.

Though worlds apart, Jacek and Oliwia are in the battles of their lives—for their lives—from which neither may survive.

The Award-Winning Title

The Heart of a Hussar


He’s determined to protect his country. But can he defend himself against the ultimate betrayal?

Muscovy, 1610. Jacek Dąbrowski yearns to be recognized for his valor. Hoping his recent promotion to lieutenant will help secure the lands he desires, the twenty-two-year-old Polish cavalry officer earns instead the enmity of his captain. And his out-of-character rescue of two innocents from slaughter sets in motion a chain of grave consequences.

Discovering the young woman and her brother are not Russian enemies and have no kin, Dąbrowski escorts them back to the castle in his homeland. But as the rivalry with his superior grows and the blossoming beauty sparks a fire in his heart, the brave horseman may find his dreams of glory lying in tatters.

Can the courageous warrior survive hidden schemes that could destroy all he holds dear?

The Heart of a Hussar is the stirring first book in The Winged Warrior Series historical fiction duology. If you like driven heroes, gut-wrenching twists, and vivid scenes of combat, then you’ll love Griffin Brady’s well-researched tale.

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Selected as a 2021 Chaucer Book Awards Finalist

Bronze Medalist for Best Adult Fiction E-Book at the 2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards 

Best Historical Fiction Finalist at the 2021 National Indie Excellence Awards

Rated a Discovered Diamond on Discovering Diamonds Independent Historical Fiction Reviews

Third place winner in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ 2018 Colorado Gold Contest

Finalist in the Northern Colorado Writers’ 2017 Top of the Mountain Award

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